About Future Food Today

Future Food Today, and its associated podcast, Food Forecast, are a part of Ayr Coastal Media, which features several news websites, as well as writing, editing, and podcast production services.

With the world population growing, and climate change affecting the planet, feeding everyone on the planet is going to be a huge challenge. This site will cover all the news related to that goal. Whether it’s better packaging, more resilient crops, cheaper ingredients, more sustainable food, or more efficient processing methods, we’ll cover ways to improve the journey from farm to fork.

The company is run by Jim Cornall, former editor of a B2B food publication and biotech publication. Now based in Scotland, Cornall is an award-winning writer, editor, photographer, broadcaster and designer. He has been editor of magazines, websites, and newspapers, and has written and taken photos for hundreds of publications around the world, including editing a B2B food publication, and a biotech publication. He has written nine books.